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    Dibiase - Lumberjack

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    My pubes haven’t been this long since I was 9

    Anonymous asked: what cartoons u like?

    spongebob squarepants, adv time, courage the cowardly dog, dexters lab, powerpuff girls, ed edd and eddy, reg show, flapjack, johnny bravo, scooby doo, dragon ball z,  fairly odd parents, cat dog, samurai jack, uncle grandpa’s alright, all the adult swim shit, gumball, cow and chicken, rugrats, rocko’s modern life, there’s alot

    i just got back from low end theory. there were riot police and shit got intense, ill post pictures soon

    I remember the first time i touched myself i thought i was peeing guts.

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    pour oatmeal all over my body and lick it off