Enter the Void
  • 与々園冬八麗冊召率惨
  • "let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive, and not after he is dead"

    do i really give off a satanist vibe?

    moneyvsvp-deactivated20140825 said: So ur a satanist ?

    nope i dont believe in satan or the devil or wutevs

    Portishead - Only You

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    darktowerinc said: Are you the Oprah of fucking, or just and advocate of fucking Oprah?

    i just dont like oprah, but idk id probably fuck her if i had a chance

    "Living fantasy of the immortal. The reality of an animal."

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    I was watching ants today theyre pretty cool theyre always busy with something i wonder what its like to be one

    hollywood makes me sad